Friday, February 19, 2010

The Plague

Alright, it's not epidemic yet, but I've gotten my second cold in two weeks!  I woke up this morning feeling that if I could just have 12 more hours of sleep, I'd be fine.  Not great, but at least alive.  Alas, I had to get the little PIT to school early for a study session.  So, out of bed I jumped (crawled) and into her room I glided (stumbled) and sang (croaked) out, "time to get up".  That last part nearly killed me, especially as she was in no mood to comply.  It took about five 500 tries to get her upright, and then we could move smoothly through the rest of the morning... Sort of.  I did get her to school in time to study with her teacher, and I managed to get through the day without sneezing or hacking on anyone.  Quite magnanimous of me, I think. 

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